Concrete Poetry

A self-motivated project I started just after graduating, I decided to finish it off and upload it to kick start future projects.
    These typographic posters take influence from two examples of concrete poetry from the book 'Anthology of Concrete Poetry' edited by Emmett Williams. They are intended to be lighthearted in approach and are motivated purely by a desire to keep myself designing in my spare time.
    The visualisation and imagery that comes out of the language is meant to be in keeping with the context of the poems themselves.

Ronaldo Azeredo (1957)

"The Futurists tried to paint motion. It was an iconic motion, imitative of reality. Its dynamic structure moves - and by itself. We may only think of a kind of abstract iconography. The reiteration of VVV - a vertiginous decrescendo - gives on the visual level the same semantic information achieved by the final line of the poem"
(Haroldo de Campos)

Stephen Bann (1964)

'Dominikus Zimmermann' was inspired by the beautiful 18th century parish church of Stein hausen built by Zimmermann, and the inscription of the organ loft which contained the name followed by the description architect, plasterer. The separation of Zimmermann's functions of creating a structure and decorating its interior, which in this church were combined with such harmony, provided Bann with a model of artistic unity.
(Jasia Reichart, Edition Hansjorg Mayer, Sruttgart 1966)

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